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Leads for your business or agency done right.

Leads for your business or agency done right.

We help you connect with new prospects and leads for your business or agency needs.

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Verified and accurate data

Manually quality checked


Koen Bok

CEO at Framer


Allen Murthy

Partnerships at Sketch


Karl Ruth

VP at Spotify

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outreach at scale

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data accuracy


personal emails

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Bountiful data attributes

15+ data points per lead gives you key insights into how to make the sale

  • Company
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Description
  • Outsourcing
  • Technologies
  • Descriptive
  • Tags
  • Location
  • Country
  • City & State
  • Size
  • Revenue
  • Funding Date
  • Funding Type
  • Funding Amount
  • Funding Number
  • Total Funding
  • Found Rounds

  • LinkedIn
  • Phone Number
  • Company Email
  • Email Status

  • CEO Full Name
  • CEO Surname
  • CEO Title
  • CEO LinkedIn
  • CEO Email
  • CEO Email Status
  • Decision Makers

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Get access to thousands of leads and potential clients within minutes

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make the sale

Find new clients for your
business or agency

Thousands of handpicked companies that just raised millions and are likely to outsource and engage in B2B sales. Go meet them in their inbox.

  • Thousands of leads with direct emails
  • Verified and quality checked
  • New leads delivered monthly


Go straight to decision makers

Skip past generic support emails and go straight to the key decision maker


Pam Louis

Outreach at Discord


Qing San 

VP of Advertising at Slack


Dylan Field

Figma Founder


Glowing reviews from industry leaders

We don’t just help you with getting leads, we get you customer relationships that last.

Fantastic high quality leads

Trying to find good quality leads to contact has always been hard. I’ve now saved hours of tedious work and I’ve already started booking calls.

Julie G.


$1,000 per month client booked

Hands down absolutely brilliant. I have secured a $1,000 per month client from the leads here, which has helped me so much in growing my business.

John P.


Thousands of funded companies

As we’re trying to scale our business, contacting funded start-ups has been essential. Accessing thousands of them has made this process so easy.

Ali W.

Founder & CMO


Earn back 10x what you put in

Leads that pay itself back. We’ve had a customer secure a $1,000 per month client from our leads. Our pricing doesn’t break the bank, you should try it out.

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  • 15+ Data Points per Company
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  • CSV Download
  • Enriched Data
  • 15+ Data Points per Company
  • CEO Verified Email
  • CEO LinkedIn
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  • Verified and accurate data
  • Manually quality checked
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Outreach • We fully manage and optimise your cold email outreach, and book calls for you
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Enterprise • API access, CRM integration, and hand-free sales outreach
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Frequently asked questions on how we source and verify our data, as well as other services we offer.

How do you verify your leads?2022-05-28T05:54:43+00:00

Data accuracy is our #1 priority at Malthus. That’s why we are the only prospecting company to offer a 99% or higher accuracy guarantee.

Every contact is put through a five point analysis to ensure that the email address and contact information is accurate and complete, and that contacting them won’t cause you any bounced emails.

Namely we check:

  • Format: We verify that the email address has the correct format and is not gibberish
  • Type: We verify that the domain name isn’t used for webmails or for creating temporary email addresses
  • Email status: We check if the email address exists and can receive emails
  • Server status: We verify that MX records are present for the domain and that we can connect to the SMTP server these MX records point to
  • Availability: We find this email address publicly available on the web
How do you source your data?2022-05-28T05:54:54+00:00

All of the data points in our lists, including email addresses, are available to the public. We get our information from sources like major news outlets, established funding platforms, social media networks, and niche blogs.

All the data is collected ourselves, and we use these sources to cross-check the information and verify that the contact information is accurate.

That means that:

  1. Each data point and email address is verified
  2. All the data is obtained legally from publicly available sources
  3. You have full authority to contact leads from this public data

If you ever need to know the source of a specific data point, we can tell you.

What types of leads are included in your datasets?2022-05-28T05:55:15+00:00

Datasets include three types of companies that are looking to outsource for various reasons and engage in B2B sales.

  • Funded startups: these are startups that are are growing rapidly and may have (recently) acquired funding so have a lot of capital to play with
  • Non profit organizations: Many non profits work in collaboration with other businesses and agencies
  • Corporates and enterprises: Enterprises will outsource expensive operations to reduce costs when they are looking to expand

All of above companies on our datasets have received funding.

On average, companies are located:

  • US/Canada: 50% of companies
  • UK/Europe: 25% of companies
  • Latin America: 15% of companies
  • Asia: 10% of companies
  • Australia/Africa: 5% of companies
Are you GDPR compliant?2022-05-28T05:54:59+00:00

We are fully GDPR compliant. All data points in our list, including emails, are publicly available.

All the datasets sold via our site are acquired from publicly available information where the user has given permission to be contacted. We go through thousands of sites and pages to collect this data and do not solicit any third-party involvement. All data goes through strict screening processes to ensure they are valid and legitimate, this includes email and domain verification.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like your data removed or account deleted.

Do you offer an API or integration service?2022-05-28T05:55:04+00:00

Yes, we offer API integration directly into your CRM, business tooling or outreach platforms. Please contact us to learn more about our Enterprise plan and how you can use our API.

Will you do our sales outreach for us?2022-05-28T05:55:09+00:00

You can easily put your sales on autopilot if you are a busy founder or want a handsfree approach to doing outreach. We have years of industry experience of booking sales calls for clients and have mastered the cold outreach process. We know exactly what to say to a new lead to get them intrigued and ultimately book a sales call with you.

With our Outreach plan, we work with you to refine the cold email copy and target demographics. We manage all the technical setup required to send outreach sequences to your targeted leads at scale.

Subscribing to Outreach:

  • Includes a monthly dataset plan
  • Access to 15k archived leads
  • Emails are sent for you
  • Sales calls are booked for you
  • 0% commission rate
  • Updates and reporting
  • Open rate and reply rate tracking


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